Antique & Contemporary Bows

Antique Bows

Our antique bow selection includes mainly bows from well-known French bow makers, such as Peccatte, MaireSartory, and more. Furthermore, we offer many bows from the German and English school. If you are looking for a bow in any price range, even a Tourte, please contact us.

our antique bows

Contemporary Bows by

Poullot bow

Jacques Poullot

We consider ourselves very lucky to have a close working relationship with Jaques Poullot, who produces most of the contemporary bows we sell in our shop. His bows are based on the late Sartory / Ouchard model and have excellent playing qualities. We believe playing one of Poullot’s bows is as close as you can get to playing an original Sartory bow.

Find out more about Poullot or visit his website.

Here are three of the many nice bows in our antique bow collection.