Announcing our new website

Today is the day and we’re happy to finally present our all new website. This has been an intense but fun project for the last couple of months and we’re really excited to finally show the results to the world.

When we built this new website, we didn’t leave any of the old elements the same; we started from ground up. The result is a completely new design, with better structure and all new pictures and content. You now have the opportunity to browse through a presentation of all the contemporary instrument makers we work with, see our current Instrument of the Month or check which renowned violin maker might be visiting our shop soon on our all new schedule page.

Another main concern with the old website had been the incompatibility with most smartphones and tablets. Now, our new website is beautifully responsive to whichever medium and screen resolution it is being accessed on. This opens up a whole new level of accessibility and we hope it will make your browsing experience much more enjoyable.

The layout, design and programming was done by Tiny Fox Photography. The man behind this small business based in Copenhagen is musician, photographer and web designer Ingo Stahl.

If you’re interested, let us know what you think about this new website! We appreciate every sort of feedback.

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