The last Svend Asmussen collection is now for sale.

The legendary danish violinist Svend Asmussen (b.1916-d.2017) was one of the most succesful jazz violinist of all time. His impressive career spanned more than eight decades and he is renowned for his recordings with Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Stephane Grappelli and many more.

This unusual violin is the one he kept playing on til the very end. Because his wife knew how much this violin meant to him it has been kept safely with his family until now.
It may not have the typical looks of an old classic italian violin, but it definitely had the right ”tone” for his concerts. In this video you will see and hear one of his famous performances with this violin.

We are very honored to present Svend Asmussen’s very last collection here at Ulf Eriksson.
The collection consists of a violin labeled F. W. Hansen, Randers 1883, a gold mounted violin bow made by H. R. Pfretschner and a violin bow made by W. E. Hill & Sons.
All three items is for sale separately.

Please e-mail/call us for further details.

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